Mount Pisgah Academy Seventh-day Adventist Church

Following Jesus to New Heights


Date Title Speaker Event
12-30-2023 New Year’s Resolutions, Oaths, and Vows Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
12-23-2023 His Human Birth, Our Divine Adoption Warren Ruf Sabbath Service
12-18-2023 Building Brain Health Gerard McLane Monday Evening
12-16-2023 Let the Stable Still Astonish Church Family Sabbath Service
12-14-2023  APCS 2023 Christmas Concert Steven Green Thursday Evening
12-11-2023 Boost Your Immune System Gerard McLane Prime Time Living Series
12-09-2023 Christmas Drama—Once Upon a Starry Night Warren Ruf & Church Family Sabbath Service
12-08-2023 MPA 2023 CHRISTMAS CONCERT Steven Green Friday Evening
12-02-2023 Are You Seeing God? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
11-25-2023 Thanks in Every Situation Warren Ruf Sabbath Service
11-18-2023 Programa de Ordenación Pr. Samuel Romero Sabbath Afternoon
11-18-2023 I AM Ron Sydney Sabbath Service
11-11-2023 The Wide Way to Where? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
11-04-2023 iMPAct Youth Rally - Session 3 Dr. Philip Baptiste Sabbath Evening
11-04-2023 iMPAct Youth Rally - Session 2 Dr. Philip Baptiste Sabbath Service
11-03-2023 iMPAct Youth Rally - 2023 Session 1 Dr. Philip Baptiste Friday Evening
10-29-2023 Cindy Williams Memorial Service Haskell Williams Sunday Morning
10-28-2023 The Church That Was Never Built Erin Miller Sabbath Service
10-21-2023 Surgery or Hellfire Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
10-14-2023 NHS/Senior Dedication Senior Class
  Sabbath Evening
10-14-2023 How To Persevere Nehemiah Mabry
  Sabbath Service
10-13-2023 Parent Open House Vespers Nehemiah Mabry Friday Evening
10-07-2023 Giving, Praying, and Fasting Gone Bad Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
09-30-2023 MPA Senior Class Sabbath Olivia Hunter, Allyssa Jetter, Jayla Gerosa Sabbath Service
09-23-2023 A Better Resurrection Richie Halversen Sabbath Service
09-22-2023 Hold On Richie Halversen Friday Evening
09-21-2023 Into The Storm Richie Halversen Thursday Evening
09-20-2023 Enough Richie Halversen Wednesday Evening 
09-19-2023 Do You Want To Be Whole Richie Halversen Tuesday Evening
09-18-2023 The Power of Belief Richie Halversen Monday Evening
09-17-2023 When the Water Blushed Richie Halversen Sunday Evening
09-16-2023 Let There Be Light Richie Halversen Sabbath Evening
09-16-2023 Commitment to Change Richie Halversen Church Service
09-09-2023 When They Got in the Boat Buz Menhardt Sabbath Service
09-02-2023 Sermon on the Mount Jonathan Michael Prepared Video
08-26-2023 Getting Across the Chasm Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
08-19-2023 High Hopes Gary Moyer Sabbath Service
08-12-2023 Are You Being Filled? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
08-05-2023 A Forgotten Gift Mark Galvez Sabbath Service
07-29-2023 Not In My Schedule Fernando Portillo Sabbath Service
07-22-2023 Great is Thy Faithfulness Denise Wilson Sabbath Service
07-15-2023 Paint Me a Picture of God Richard L. Halversen Sabbath Service
07-14-2023 Evangelistic Keys To Success Richard L. Halversen Friday Evening
07-08-2023 The Authentic Escape Mark Galvez Sabbath Service
07-01-2023 Legally Imposed or Exceedingly Filled? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
06-24-2023 Blessed are the Meek Jonathan Michael Communion Service
06-17-2023 Mourning for the One We Have Pierced Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
06-10-2023 Flourishing are the Poor and Needy? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
05-27-2023 Pentecost, the Holy Spirit, and Us? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
05-20-2023 Parent Tribute Senior Class
   MPA Graduation Wknd
05-20-2023 BACCALAUREAT Jo Ottinger
MPA Graduation Wknd
05-20-2023 Sabbath School Michael Wolff
MPA Graduation Wknd
05-19-2023 Consecration Tyler Hedges & Nephthali Myrthil MPA Commencement
05-13-2023  Nobody’s PERFECT, Right!?  Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
05-06-2023 Blessings & Woes: Invitations & Warnings Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
04-28-2023 ShareHim Mission Trip Mission Trip Participants Sabbath Service
04-28-2023 MPA Academy Days Concert MPA Bells/Choir/San Cielo/Symphony Friday Evening
04-22-2023 Unchained and Flourishing Jonathan Michael Sabbath Morning
04-15-2023 MPA Alumni Church Service Dan Serns (‘73) Sabbath Morning
04-15-2023 SCHOLARSHIPS & ROLL CALL Louie & Nancy Parra & George Grow, John Ratzlaff Sabbath Morning
04-15-2023 MPA Alumni Early Service Natasha Perez (‘98) Sabbath Morning
04-14-2023 MPA Alumni Vespers Terrie Ruff (‘83) Friday Evening
04-08-2023 Kingdom Rising Jonathan Michael and Play Sabbath Service
04-01-2023 A Gospel Worthy of Risk Warren Ruf Sabbath Service
03-25-2023 Blessed are the Flourishing Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
03-18-2023 Hominy Valley Men’s Christian A Cappella Choir Clay Plemons Sabbath Service
03-11-2023 Kingdom: In Focus or Out of Focus? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
03-04-2023 Memorable Meals and the Coming Kingdom
  Jonathan Michael
Sabbath Service
02-25-2023 Rooted: Cultivating a Life of Discipleship Matt Durante Sabbath Afternoon
02-25-2023 Leave The Boat Matt Durante Sabbath Service
02-18-2023 Sermonettes by Mezziah, Eddie, Emmanuel, Jeremy, Arlin & Trey Freshman & Sophomore Class Sabbath Service
02-11-2023 Marilyn Benefield Memorial Service Jonathan Michael Sabbath Afternoon
02-11-2023 Our Savior’s Greatest Promise Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
02-04-2023 Evangelism Impact 2023 (via online video) Freddy Russell Sabbath Service
01-28-2023 National Christendom for Christians vs Spiritual Kingdom for Christ-followers Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
01-21-2023 To Set at Liberty Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
01-14-2023 Atomic Revival Richie Halversen Sabbath Afternoon
01-14-2023 Sound of Heavy Rain Richie Halversen Sabbath Service
01-07-2023   MPA Junior Class Sabbath    Kaitlyn James, Olivia Hunter    Sabbath Service

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