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12-30-2017 God's Plan for 2018 Will Labrenz  
12-30-2017 Focus on Prophecy-Revelation 1 Will Labrenz Bible Class
12-23-2017 A Savior Is Born Our Church Family Sabbath Service
12-23-2017 Focus on Prophecy-Daniel 10-12 Will Labrenz Bible Class
12-16-2017 MPA Christmas Service MPA Students/Will Labrenz Sabbath Service
12-16-2017 Focus on Prophecy-Daniel 9 Will Labrenz Bible Class
12-15-2017 MPA Christmas Concert MPA Students Friday Evening
12-14-2017 2017 APCS Christmas Concert APCS Students Thursday Evening
12-02-2017 The Certainty of Christmas Will Labrenz  
12-02-2017 Focus on Prophecy - Daniel 8 Will Labrenz Bible Class
11-25-2017 Contentment Jo Ottinger  
11-25-2017 Focus on Prophecy Jonathan Michael Bible Class
11-18-2017 If Ye Have Love One to Another Hector Gonzalez  
11-11-2017 I Pledge Allegiance to...? Jonathan Michael  
11-11-2017 Focus on Prophecy: Daniel 3 & 4 Jonathan Michael Bible Class
11-04-2017 The Goliath Gospel Will Labrenz  
11-04-2017 Focus on Prophecy: Daniel Ch. 1 Will Labrenz Bible Class
10-28-2017 2 Swords or 2 Edged Sword Jonathan Michael  
10-28-2017 Lamb that Speaks Like A Dragon Will Labrenz Bible Class
10-21-2017 Hijacked by Hierarchy Will Labrenz  
10-14-2017 Soli Deo Gloria - For Gods Glory Alone Will Labrenz  
10-07-2017 The "B" Word Carl Ashlock Parent Open Weekend
09-30-2017 Just Vegetables, Please Rod Hartle  
09-30-2017 Matthew 24 Prophecies Brenna Taitano Bible Class
09-23-2017 Sola Christus - Christ Alone Will Labrenz  
09-23-2017 The Little Horn of Daniel 7 Will Labrenz Bible Class
09-16-2017 Sola Fide - Faith Plus Nothing Will Labrenz  
09-02-2017 Sola Gratia (Grace Alone) Will Labrenz  
09-02-2017 The 70 Week Prophecy Will Labrenz Bible Class
08-26-2017 Sola Scriptura Will Labrenz  
08-26-2017 Bible Prophecy Class Will Labrenz Bible Class
08-19-2017 The If-Not Faith Dr Philip Samaan  
08-12-2017 Behold His Wounds  Jonathan Michael  
08-05-2017 Build on the Rock  Will Labrenz  
07-29-2017 Seek First the Kingdom of God Will Labrenz  
07-22-2017 Join God's Secret Service Will Labrenz  
07-15-2017 "But I say"-Jesus Will Labrenz  
07-08-2017 To Be Called Great, Do the Least Will Labrenz  
07-01-2017 Through it All  Rod Hartle   
06-24-2017 Leslie Walker Memorial Service   Sabbath Afternoon
06-24-2017 You Are The Light of The World Will Labrenz  
06-17-2017 Claim Your Birthright Gary Bradley  
06-10-2017 God's Faithfulness Gary Lewis  
05-27-2017 God Justifies Who? Jonathan Michael  
05-20-2017 Parent Tribute Senior Class Graduation Weekend 
05-20-2017 Baccalaureate Zach McDonald Graduation Weekend 
05-20-2017 Sabbath School Pastor Will Labrenz Graduation Weekend 
05-19-2017 Consecration Pastor Brian Hindman '93 Graduation Weekend 
05-18-2017 APCS Graduation   Thursday Evening
05-06-2017 MPA Bells & Choir Bells & Choir MPA Homeshow Sabbath
04-22-2017 MPA Mission Trips MPA Students  
04-22-2017 Drive-Thru Love Mark Kendall Alumni Sabbath Service
04-22-2017 Alumni Roll Call George Grow & John Ratzlaff Alumni Sabbath Morning
04-22-2017 Alumni Sabbath School Je'Wana Grier-McEachin Alumni Sabbath School
04-21-2017 Alumni Vespers Kathy Brannan Alumni Friday Night Vespers
04-15-2017 Render Unto Caesar Will Labrenz  
04-08-2017 Stand Up Jo Ottinger Pathfinder and Adventurer Sabbath
04-01-2017 Be Glad for Great is Your Reward Will Labrenz  
03-25-2017 Blessed Are The Peacemakers Will Labrenz  
03-18-2017 Benefits of a Purified Heart Will Labrenz  
03-11-2017 How To Obtain Mercy Will Labrenz  
03-04-2017 Seeing God Through Languages Ryan Stutes  
02-25-2017 I Press On MPA Senior Class  
02-18-2017 Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness Will Labrenz  
02-11-2017 Blessed Are The Meek Will Labrenz  
02-04-2017 Blessed Are Those Who Mourn Will Labrenz  
02-03-2017 Carole Hoekenga Memorial Service    
01-21-2017 Discipleship Defined Will Labrenz  
01-14-2017 Christ's Way to Pray Katie Schuen  
12-31-2016 2017 & Change Will Labrenz  
12-24-2016 Christmas Service Church Family  
12-17-2016 Who Is This King of Glory? APCS Scripture Singers  
12-15-2016 APCS Christmas Concert APCS Students Thursday Evening
12-10-2016 MPA Christmas Sabbath Service Band, Bells & Choir  
12-09-2016 MPA Christmas Christmas Concert Band, Bells & Choir Friday Evening
12-03-2016 Sermon(s) Jo Ottinger Freshman/Sophomore Class
11-26-2016 O Ye of Little Faith, Why? Jonathan Michael  
11-20-2016 Hominy Valley Thanksgiving Service   Sunday Evening
11-19-2016 Lord, Use Me Today Will Labrenz  
11-12-2016 The Work of the Holy Spirit Grant Agadjanian Sabbath Afternoon
11-12-2016 The Power of the Cross Grant Agadjanian Sabbath Worship Service
11-05-2016 The Cure for Nausea Gary Bradley  
10-29-2016 “Creation Health” In Light of the Last Days Daniel Figueroa  
10-22-2016 Creation Health Jo Ottinger  
10-15-2016 Discovering Paradise & the Fountain of Youth Jonathan Michael  
10-08-2016 The Restful Choice Will Labrenz  
10-01-2016 Be Devoted to One Another Will Labrenz  
09-24-2016 Spur, Provoke, & Stir Up One Another Jonathan Michael  
09-17-2016 Have Compassion for One Another Will Labrenz  
09-03-2016 Intentional Living for Jesus Jake Miller, Tiffany Paden, Michael Moyer Worshiop Service by the MPA Junior Class
08-27-2016 Teach With One Another Will Labrenz  
08-20-2016 Bear With One Another David White  
08-13-2016 Live In Harmony With One Another Will Labrenz  
08-06-2016 Serve One Another Jonathan Michael  
07-30-2016 Accept One Another Will Labrenz  
07-23-2016 Forgive One Another Will Labrenz  
07-16-2016 Confess to One Another Will Labrenz  
07-09-2016 Encourage One Another Jonathan Michael  
07-02-2016 The Gospel According to Jesus Doug Van Kalker  
06-25-2016 Pray for One Another Gary Bradley  
06-18-2016 Love One Another Will Labrenz  
06-11-2016 Be in Health as Your Soul Prospers Will Labrenz  
05-28-2016 Mission: Honduras! Will Labrenz  
05-21-2016 Parent Tribute Class Of 2016 MPA 2016 Commevcement
05-21-2016 Baccalaureate Brian Hindman MPA 2016 Commevcement
05-21-2016 Consecration Rick Major MPA 2016 Commevcement
05-14-2016 A Date With God Will Labrenz  
05-07-2016 MPA Meno & Choir Performance MPA Bell Choir Performance MPA Students
04-30-2016 Mission Trip Testimonies  MPA Students    
04-23-2016 Eight Promises Will Labrenz  
04-16-2016 Alumni Sabbath School Shelly Caswell Alumni Sabbath School
04-16-2016 Alumni Church Jo Ottinger Alumni Church Service
04-15-2016 Sweeter Than Honey Martin Durkin, David Patterson Alumni Friday Night Vespers
04-09-2016 Why Are You Waiting? Arise and be Baptized! Will Labrenz: Baptism -Zachary Bradley & McKenzie Millwood Sabbath Vespers Baptism
04-09-2016 Finding the Path... Letting God Lead Darryl Smith Adventurer & Pathfinder Sabbath 
04-02-2016 Do This in Remembrance of Me Will Labrenz  
03-19-2016 What to Do With Ten Broken Commandments? Will Labrenz  
03-12-2016 How to Counteract Covetousness Will Labrenz  
03-05-2016 Persevering With Faith Under Fire! Jonathan Michael  
02-27-2016 Where is the Storehouse? Rick Hutchinson  
02-20-2016 Louis Nielsen Memorial Service   Sabbath Afternoon 
02-20-2016 Let Your Light Shine Eric Flikinger Sabbath Service
02-20-2016 Sharing the Word of God It Is Written Revival Sabbath School
02-19-2016 It Is Written Revival Weekend Eric Flikinger FridayEvening
02-13-2016 MPA Mission Trip Benefit Concert Will Labrenz Sabbath Evening
02-13-2016 What is Truth? Will Labrenz  
02-06-2016 All Authority, All People, All Things, Always Will Labrenz  
01-30-2016 Possession Obsession Will Labrenz  
01-16-2016 Sermons Jacqui Anwar, Tiffany Paden, Angelica Ernst, Daisy Blu  
01-09-2016 The Scarlet Letter Will Labrenz  
01-02-2016 Resolve to Rejoice Will Labrenz  
12-26-2015 'Twas the Day After Christmas Will Labrenz  
12-19-2015 Bethlehem Morning - Christmas Program Church Family Christmas Program
12-12-2015 The Spirit of Christmas Worship Will Labrenz  
12-11-2015 2015 MPA Christmas Program   Concert
12-10-2015 2015 APCS Christmas Concert   Concert
12-05-2015 Behold the Lamb of God Will Labrenz Manger,Cross,Mansion part 3
12-05-2015 What Happened at the Cross? Will Labrenz Manger,Cross,Mansion part 2
12-04-2015 Mary Had a Little Lamb Will Labrenz Manger,Cross,Mansion part 1
11-28-2015 Attitude of Gratitude Jonathan Michael  
11-21-2015 MPA Junior Class    
11-14-2015 Alvena Robieson Ertel Memorial Service   Sabbath Afternoon
11-14-2015 Pro Life Will Labrenz  
11-07-2015 Southern Adventist University Orchestra Southern Adventist University Sabbath Service
10-31-2015 Ghost Stories Will Labrenz  
10-24-2015 100th Year Homecoming Wally Williams Sabbath Service
10-24-2015 100th Year Homecoming Buz Menhardt Sabbath School
10-23-2015 100th Year Homecoming Pastors Friday Vespers
10-17-2015 Testimonies Senior Class  Senior Class  
10-10-2015 Honor Guard Will Labrenz   
10-03-2015 There's Room in The Ark Hector Gonzalez MPA Parent Open House
10-03-2015 Good Word - Gary Moyer Sabbath Service MPA Parent Open House
10-02-2015 War - Jim Ingersoll Friday Evening Vespers MPA Parent Open House
9-26-2015 What Will Heaven Be Like? Will Labrenz Revival message part 5
9-26-2015 Where Will You Spend the Millennium? Will Labrenz Revival message part 4
9-26-2015 Rescue! The True Rapture Will Labrenz Revival message part 3
9-26-2015 Signs of the End Time Will Labrenz Revival message part 2
9-25-2015 How You Can Know the Future Will Labrenz Revival message part 1
9-19-2015 All the World Marveled and Followed the Beast Will Labrenz  
9-5-2015 The Vain Game  Will Labrenz   
8-30-2015 Steen's Memorial Service    Sunday Afternoon
8-29-2015 American Idle  Will Labrenz   
8-22-2015 The Law of Love  Will Labrenz   
8-15-2015 Membership Has Its Privileges  Will Labrenz   
8-08-2015 Finally Invited! Jo Ottinger   
8-01-2015 The Family of God Will Labrenz   
7-25-2015  Let's Go Home Brian Hindman   
7-18-2015  If Anyone Desires to Be First Will Labrenz   
7-11-2015  Keep the Unity of the Spirit  Will Labrenz   
7-04-2015  Free Indeed!  Will Labrenz   
6-27-2015 It's Me, It's Me, It's Me Oh Lord Jonathan Michael  
6-25-2015 Teresa Mendes Memorial Service   Thursday Evening
6-20-2015 A Heavenly Father Will Labrenz  
6-14-2015 Evert Burnett Memorial Service   Sunday Afternoon
6-13-2015 You Are The Body of Christ Will Labrenz  
6-6-2015 A Rest To God’s People Doug Van Kalker  
5-23-2015 Seven Last Words Will Labrenz   
5-21-2015 APCS Graduation APCS Graduation  Thursday Evening
5-16-2015 PRELUDE MPA Graduation  Sabbath Afternoon 
5-16-2015 Consecration MPA Graduation  Sabbath Service
5-16-2015 MPA Sabbath School MPA Graduation  Sabbath School Service
5-15-2015 Consecration MPA Graduation Friday Evening 
5-9-2015 Learning Forever Erin Miller APCS Sabbath
5-2-2015 MPA Year End Celebration MPA Bells/MPA Choir  
4-25-2015 Dominican Republic Mission Trip Report MPA Students  
4-18-2015 From Mount Sinai to Mount Pisgah Kerri & Steve Boone Alumni Church Service
4-18-2015 Opportunity Stephanie (Ford) Powell Alumni Sabbath School
4-17-2015 I Spy With My Little Eye Sandee Wright Alumni Friday Night Vespers
4-11-2015 Adventurers & Pathfinders Adventurers & Pathfinders  
4-04-2015 Jesus: Life, Death, and Resurrection Senior Class  
3-28-2015 My Words Shall Not Pass Away - Part 2  Will Labrenz  
3-21-2015 Louise Grow Memorial Service    Sabbath Afternoon
3-21-2015 My Words Shall Not Pass Away - Part 1  Will Labrenz  
3-14-2015 U + Me Too = We 3  Jonathan Michael  
3-13-2015 Natasha Perez Concert Natasha Perez Friday Evening 
3-7-2015 Touched With Our Feelings  Jonathan Michael  
2-28-2015 There's Power In The Blood Jonathan Michael  
2-21-2015 Jesus Prays for You Will Labrenz  
2-14-2015 If That Isn’t Love? Will Labrenz  
2-7-2015 Restoring the Image of God Jonathan Michael  
1-31-2015 Sharing Life, Light, & Love Jonathan Michael  
1-24-2015 The Radical Prayer Will Labrenz  
1-17-2015 Lord, Teach Us to Pray Will Labrenz  
1-11-2015 Lester Partlow Memorial Service    Sabbath Afternoon
1-10-2015 My Provision is God, the Living One Will Labrenz  
1-3-2015 Jehovah Takes Away, Jehovah Shall Add  Will Labrenz  
12-27-2014 Press Toward The Goal Will Labrenz  
12-20-2014 Let The Stable Still Astonish Christmas Program  
12-13-2014 Make Room For Jesus Will Labrenz  
12-12-2014 Emmanuel God With Us MPA Choir and Bells  
12-06-2014 How to Keep Your Lampstand  Will Labrenz  
11-29-2014 Remember The Rooster Jo Ottinger  
11-22-2014 Think and Thank Will Labrenz  
11-15-2014 How to Know God's Will Will Labrenz  
11-08-2014 Small Groups - Big Impact Pt.2 Jonathan Michael  
11-08-2014 Small Groups - Big Impact Will Labrenz  
11-01-2014 Love Each Other Will Labrenz  

Biblical Worship

Will Labrenz  

By All Means Save Some!

Will Labrenz  

Functional & Fruitful, or Else?

Jonathan Michael (first 7.5 min. is audio only)

Why Jesus Came

Mark Witas MPA Parent Open House
9-20-2014 The Gifts that Keep on Giving Will Labrenz  
9-06-2014 Burning With Spiritual Passion Will Labrenz  
8-30-2014 How? Sandy Smith, Sr.  
8-23-2014 Back To School Will Labrenz  
8-16-2014 The Great Adventure Trey Brown  
8-09-2014 Offerings From The Heart Jonathan Michael  
8-02-2014 I've Been Robbed! Will Labrenz  
7-26-2014 The Scriptures: The Only Safeguard Daniel Ferraz Sabbath Afternoon
7-26-2014 Family Concert Various Families Sabbath Afternoon
7-26-2014 Luther's Separation From Rome Daniel Ferraz Sabbath Service
7-25-2014 Enchanted Ground of the Ecumenical Movement Daniel Ferraz Friday Evening
7-19-2014 The Mystery of The Bronze Serpent Will Labrenz  
7-12-2014 The Latter Rain Experience Will Labrenz  
7-05-2014 Celebrating Liberty, Love & Law Jonathan Michael  
6-28-2014 The Secret Of Growing God's Church Brad Cauley  
6-21-2014 Our Greatest Need Will Labrenz  
6-14-2014 A Father of Faith Will Labrenz  
6-07-2014 We Still Need A Savior Will Labrenz  
5-24-2014 We Are The Clay Will Labrenz  
5-17-2014 Graduation Baccalaureate J Musgrave / B Hindman Graduation Church
5-17-2014 Graduation '14 Sabbath School students Graduation SS
5-16-2014 Consecration Service Robert Vaughan Graduation Vespers
5-10-2014 A Faithful Mother Will Labrenz  
5-03-2014 Train up a Child Will Labrenz  
4-26-2014 Be Faithful To The One You Love Will Labrenz  
4-19-2014 Fleetwood Park Dedication Ted & Nancy Wilson Alumni Weekend
4-19-2014 Wedgwood Trio Concert Wedgwood Trio Alumni Weekend
4-19-2014 Remember Now... David A. Steen Alumni Church Service
4-19-2014 Scholarships and Alumni Roll Call Donors and Staff Alumni Weekend
4-19-2014 The Meaning of Following Jesus Alex Bryan Alumni Sabbath School
4-18-2014 Pisgah: Land of the Sky, a Retrospect Brian Hindman Alumni Vespers
4-12-2014 Who's Walking Point? Charlie Young Pathfinder Sabbath
4-05-2014 Are You Elijah? Will Labrenz  

Pathway to the Sea of Glass

Jonathan Michael  

MPA Mission Trips - Honduras

MPA Students  

MPA Mission Trips - Florida Keys

MPA Students  

MPA Mission Trips - Bermuda

MPA Students  

MPA Mission Trips - TN & NC

MPA Students  

MPA Mission Trips - Ethiopia

MPA Students  

MPA Junior Class


Reverently Do What?

Jonathan Michael  

Reverence In The Church

Jonathan Michael  

Reverence Before The Lord

Jonathan Michael  
2-22-2014 Reverence and One Another Jonathan Michael  
2-15-2014 Worship and/or Mission!? Jonathan Michael  
2-08-2014 Clean Conscience & Strong Faith Jonathan Michael  
2-01-2014 Bereans Or Bedlam Of Noise Jonathan Michael  
1-25-2014 To Drum Or Not to Drum Jonathan Michael  
1-18-2014 Attitude Matters in Conflict Jonathan Michael  
1-11-2014 Disputable Matters Jonathan Michael  
1-4-2014 Worship Jonathan Michael  
12-21-2013 Jubilee Jo Ottinger  
12-21-2013 Spreading The Light Jonathan Michael  
12-14-2013 His Name Is Jesus Jonathan Michael  
12-7-2013 The Light is with Us Jonathan Michael  
11-30-2013 Bread Des Suaerz  
11-23-2013 Saying Grace Jo Ottinger  
11-16-2013 Asheville-Pisgah Christian School APCS  
11-09-2013 150 Years of Mission & Hope Jonathan Michael  
11-02-2013 Giving Like The Creator Jonathan Michael  
10-30-2013 Genesis 1:1 (Prayer Meeting) George Grow  
10-26-2013 Free At Last Jo Ottinger  
10-19-2013 Mercy, Not Sacrifice Jonathan Michael  
10-12-2013 Like A Bombardier Beetle Jonathan Michael  
10-5-2013 Who God Is Jo Ottinger  
9-21-2013 Hastening the Day Jonathan Michael  
9-14-2013 Day of Atonement & Communion Jonathan Michael  
9-07-2013 No Words For God and Nature Michael Brackett  
8-31-2013 Conservative, Liberal, or Radical? Gary Bradley  
8-24-2013 Minute to Win It Jo Ottinger  
8-17-2013 Bill Butler Memorial Service Church Family  
8-17-2013 Building on the Rock Jonathan Michael  
8-3-2013 Building the Church Jonathan Michael  


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