Mount Pisgah Academy Seventh-day Adventist Church

Following Jesus to New Heights


Date Title Speaker Event
12-31-2022 Behind Door #2023, Prizes or Zonks? Warren Ruf Sabbath Service
12-24-2022 Christmas Memories McLane, Grow, Thomas Sabbath Service
12-17-2022 Our Redeemer is Born Church Family Sabbath Service
12-16-2022 Grief Recovery, Part 2 Rod Hartle Friday Evening
12-14-2022 Grief Recovery, Part 1 Rod Hartle  Wednesday Evening
12-10-2022 T'was The Night MPA Church and Academy Music and Skit Sabbath Service
12-09-2022 MPA Christmas Concert Steven Green, Winsthon Alvis Friday Evening
12-03-2022 Rest-n-Peace Rod Hartle Sabbath Service
12-02-2022 Christmas Organ Concert Kevin Worth Friday Evening, Lords Supper
11-26-2022 Thankful for the Sabbath? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
11-19-2022 NHS/Senior Dedication   Saturday Night
11-19-2022 Ollie Fowler Memorial Service Jonathan Michael Sabbath Afternoon
11-19-2022 Joseph Mark Galvez Sabbath Service
11-19-2022 MPA Parent Open House Sabbath School Desmond Doss, Jr. Sabbath School
11-18-2022 Propinquity  Tara O'tello MPA Vespers
11-12-2022 The Battle Between Old and New Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
11-05-2022 Growing Up Into Christ Alisha Michael, Charlie Rennard, Allie Faber, Erin Miller Sabbath Service
11-05-2022 Pastors SS Class, Origins Part6d Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
10-29-2022 Dressing Up Like Jesus Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
10-29-2022 Pastors SS Class, Origins Part 6c Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
10-22-2022 Grounded In Promise John Bradshaw Sabbath Evening
10-22-2022 Grounded In Life (local)    Grounded In Life (IIW) John Bradshaw Sabbath Morning
10-22-2022 Pastors SS Class, Origins Part 6b Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
10-21-2022 Grounded In Hope John Bradshaw Friday Evening
10-20-2022 Grounded In  Assurance John Bradshaw Thursday Evening
10-19-2022 Grounded In Truth John Bradshaw Wednesday Evening
10-15-2022 Promises, Promises Jonathan Michael Adventurers Sabbath
10-15-2022 Pastors SS Class, Origins Part 6 Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
10-08-2022 Photography at the Image of God Angel Guerrero MPA Senior Sabbath
10-08-2022 Pastors SS Class, Origins Part 5 Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
10-01-2022  MPA & Forster Churches Joint Service Sabbath Service
10-01-2022 Pastors SS Class, Origins Part 4 Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
09-24-2022  Jesus is Calling Me to Do What?  Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
09-24-2022 Pastors SS Class, Origins Part 3 Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
09-17-2022 Christ’s Authority to Free, Heal, Cleanse, and Forgive! Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
09-17-2022 Pastors SS Class: Origins, Part 2 Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
09-10-2022 Catching Others Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
09-10-2022 Pastors SS Class: Origins, Part 1 Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
09-03-2022 Sermon Albert Ellis
Sabbath Service  
08-27-2022 David K—That Flute Guy David K.
Sabbath Service  
08-20-2022 XID Warren Ruf   Sabbath Service
08-13-2022 Begging for the Savior of the World Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
08-06-2022 The Three Angles' Messages of Revelation 14, Part 3 Jonathan Michael Sabbath Afternoon
08-06-2022 The Three Angles' Messages of Revelation 14, Part 2 Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
08-05-2022 The Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14, Part 1 Jonathan Michael Friday Evening
07-30-2022 Faith, Humility and God’s Wrath  Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
07-23-2022 Why Do You Get Out of Bed Each Day? Arthur Gibbs Sabbath Service
07-16-2022 God So Loved the World Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
07-09-2022 Zeal For God's House Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
07-02-2022 Freedom In Jesus Kevin Worth, Heather Langford, Susan Goforth Sabbath Service
06-25-2022 The Mystery of the Unknown Stone Warren Ruf Sabbath Service
06-18-2022  The Flowing of Water &  Wine Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
06-11-2022 Characteristics of a Christian Mary Alice White Sabbath Service
05-28-2022 Overcoming Temptations Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
05-21-2022 Parent Tribute Senior Class Tribute
05-21-2022 Baccalaureate Miguel Tello Sabbath Service
05-21-2022 Lesson Study  Chad & Chad ('23) Sabbath School
05-20-2022 Consecration Donna Robertson, Girls’ Dean Brianna Kittleson, Asst. Girls’ Dean2022  Graduation Weekend
05-14-2022 Fulfilling Prophecy  With the Baptism of the Holy Spirit  Pastor Jonathan  Sabbath Service
05-07-2022 Preparing the Way of the Lord  Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
04-30-2022 MPA Share Him Mission Trip Presentations MPA Students Sabbath Service
04-30-2022 MPA Academy Days Sabbath School Brianna Kittleson Sabbath Morning
04-29-2022 MPA Home Show Concert - Academy Days MPA Choir, Bells & Band Friday Evening
04-23-2022 Where Did Jesus Go When He Died? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
04-16-2022 Behold The Lamb...And Ponder Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
04-15-2022 MPA Mission Report - Africa MPA Students Friday Evening
04-09-2022 MPA Alumni Church Service Kay Waller Henderson (‘72) Sabbath Service
04-09-2022 MPA Alumni Early Service Haskell Williams (‘70) Sabbath Morning
04-08-2022 MPA Alumni Weekend Vespers Josias Flores Friday Evening
04-02-2022 Ruth Thøger Nielsen Memorial Service    Program Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
04-02-2022 Stewards of God’s World Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
03-26-2022 Stewards of God’s Children Jonathan Michael Communion Sabbath
03-19-2022 A Secret From The Lord Artem Dymitriev Sabbath Service
03-12-2022 Christ and the Alabaster Box  Ed Couser Sabbath Service
03-05-2022 Stewards of God’s Grace Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
02-26-2022 Simple Solutions for Diabetes Uchee Pines Sabbath Afternoon
02-26-2022 Cancer: More Than Conquerors Uchee Pines Sabbath Afternoon
02-26-2022 What’s the Message? Richard Cecere Sabbath Service
02-26-2022 8 Laws of Health Uchee Pines Sabbath School
02-25-2022 Mental Health Matters Uchee Pines Friday Evening
02-19-2022 Personal Testimonies Emmie Lee, Rebekah Amann, Andrew Reidway   Sabbath Service
02-12-2022 A Reunion Among Friends Hector Gonzalez Sabbath Service
02-05-2022 Carolina Conference Evangelism Impact #5 Richie Halversen Sabbath Service
02-05-2022 Carolina Conference Evangelism Impact #4 Roger Hernandez Sabbath School
01-29-2022 No Service Today Due to Weather and Power Outage         None None
01-22-2022   This is How I Fight My Battles                                   APCS Students                APCS Sabbath
01-22-2022 Sabbath School with Leslie Louis Leslie Louis Sabbath School
01-15-2022 MPA Junior Class Program Lauren Elliott, Aiden Dittman Sabbath Service
01-08-2022  In the Beginning … 2022 Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
01-01-2022   God’s Reminders George Grow         Sabbath Service






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