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 Apr/May 2020   Passion Week,  and Days After, Leading Up To Pentecost - Jonathan Michael

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04-26-2020 How We Got from 7 to 1 (Sabbath to Sunday) - Jonathan Michael

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God says, "Fear Not":

07-28-2020 Do not be afraid, God will sing over us - Josias Flores
07-27-2020 God tells all creation to not be afraid - Josias Flores
07-23-2020 Daniel was strengthened when the angel told him to fear not- Josias Flores
07-22-2020 The angel told Daniel not to be afraid - Josias Flores
07-20-2020 God says do not be afraid of them - Josias Flores
07-17-2020 Listen to God's voice and do not fear - Josias Flores
07-16-2020 Jeremiah remembers God told him to fear not - Josias Flores
07-15-2020 Do not be afraid when you hear rumors - Josias Flores
07-14-2020 God says 'Fear not, I will save you'. - Josias Flores
07-12-2020 Jeremiah shares God's word.  Don't be afraid.  - Josias Flores
07-09-2020 Do not fear, says the Lord - Josias Flores
07-08-2020 Don't use your politics to influence others - Josias Flores
07-07-2020 Do not fear made made idols - Josias Flores
07-06-2020 God calls Jeremiah and tells him not to be afraid - Josias Flores
07-03-2020 What are you afraid of? - Josias Flores
07-02-2020 Fear will not come near you - Josias Flores
06-30-2020 Fear not, you will not be put to shame  - Josias Flores
06-29-2020 God Says 'I am the one who comforts you'. - Josias Flores
06-28-2020 What would Jesus do? - Josias Flores
06-25-2020 You were created by God, and He says Do Not Fear! - Josias Flores
06-23-2020 God says, 'Do not be afraid, for I am with you' - Josias Flores
06-22-2020 The Lord says Fear Not, I have summoned you by name - Josias Flores
06-21-2020 Fear not, men of Israel - Josias Flores
06-18-2020 God says I will hold your right hand - Josias Flores
06-17-2020 God says, 'I have chosen you and not rejected you.  Do not fear.' - Josias Flores
06-16-2020 The word of the Lord Stands Forever - Josias Flores
06-15-2020 Isaiah tells Hezekiah Do Not Be Afraid - Josias Flores
06-11-2020 Do not be anxious or fear, for the Lord is coming - Josias Flores
06-10-2020 God says Do Not Fear for I AM With You -Josias Flores
06-09-2020 Isaiah tells the people not to be afraid - Josias Flores
06-08-2020 If you are prepared, you can have no fear - Josias Flores
06-07-2020 Have no fear of sudden disaster - Josias Flores
06-05-2020 Have no fear of negative consequences  - Josias Flores
06-04-2020 Nehemiah says to the people, 'Don't be afraid' - Josias Flores
06-03-2020 Psalm 112 Those Trusting is God, need not Fear - Josias Flores
05-29-2020 Psalm 118:6 The Lord is on my side, I Shall Not Fear - Josias Flores
05-28-2020 Psalm 91:5 - You will not be afraid of the shadows - Josias Flores
05-27-2020 God Is Going To Make Things Right, Trust Him - Josias Flores
05-26-2020 Don't be Afraid of Missing Out - Josias Flores
05-25-2020 What do I have to Fear? - Josias Flores
05-24-2020 God Is Our Refuge And Strength, Therefore...   - Josias Flores
05-23-2020 David Says His Fear Has Been Replaced By The Fear Of The Lord - Josias Flores
05-22-2020 David Writes, 'I Will Trust In God' - Josias Flores
05-21-2020 The Psalmist Says, 'I Will Not Fear'  - Josias Flores
05-20-2020 God Is My Light, Whom Shall I Fear? - Josias Flores
05-19-2020  David Says, 'I Will Fear No Evil' - Josias Flores
05-09-2020 Job Is Told By One OF His Friends Not To Fear - Josias Flores
05-08-2020 Hezekiah Tells The People To Be Strong and Courageous - Josias Flores
05-07-2020 Jahaziel Tells The People Not to Be Afraid - Josias Flores
05-05-2020 David Tells Solomon Be Strong And Courageous  - Josias Flores
05-04-2020 The Prophet Tells Hezekiah To Not Be Afraid - Josias Flores
05-02-2020 Elisha Tells His Servant Not To Fear - Josias Flores
04-30-2020 The Angel Tells Elijah Not To Be Afraid - Josias Flores
04-29-2020 Elijah Tells The Widow Not To Be Afraid - Josias Flores
04-28-2020 David Tells Mephibosheth Not to be Afraid - Josias Flores
04-27-2020 Saul Told Woman Not to Be Afraid, Though he Had No Authority To Do So -Josias Flores
04-26-2020 Jonathan Tells David Not to be Afraid - Josias Flores
04-25-2020 David Tells Abiathar, 'Do not Be Afraid'. - Josias Flores
04-24-2020 Samuel Tells the People, Do Not Fear   - Josias Flores
04-23-2020 We Should Fear if God is Not In Our Life - Josias Flores
04-22-2020 God Tells Gideon, 'Peace to you, Do Not Be Afraid' - Josias Flores
04-21-2020 When God Tells You To Not Be Afraid, You Can Trust Him - Josias Flores
04-20-2020 God Tells Joshua, 'Do Not Be Afraid' -Josias Flores
04-19-2020 Joshua Reminds the People Not to Fear - Josias Flores
04-17-2020 God Tells Joshua, 'Do Not Fear the Five Kings'  - Josias Flores
04-16-2020 God Reminds Joshua and the People, Do Not Be Afraid - Josias Flores
04-15-2020 God reminds Joshua, Be Strong and Courageous -Josias Flores
04-14-2020 Moses Speaks to Joshua, 'Remember the Lord Goes Before You. Do Not be Dismayed'  - Josias Flores
04-13-2020 Moses says, 'God Will Not Leave You or Forsake You' - Josias Flores 
04-12-2020 Jesus Reminds us that Because of Him, We don't need to be Afraid - Josias Flores
04-11-2020 Moses Tells Joshua Again That God is With Him...Do not Be Afraid - Josias Flores
04-10-2020 Moses Reminds Us, God Will Take Care of the Giants Before Us - Josias Flores
04-09-2020 Moses Tells Joshua 'Do Not Be Afraid!' - Josias Flores
04-08-2020 Moses Reminds the Israelites of What God Did for Them in the Past - Josias Flores 
04-07-2020 Moses, Again, Tells the People, 'Do Not Fear' - Josias Flores
04-06-2020 Moses Reminds Israel, Do Not Fear! - Josias Flores
04-05-2020 Moses Says Not to Fear Man  - Josias Flores
04-04-2020 God Reminds Moses, Do Not Fear - Josias Flores
04-03-2020 Caleb and Joshua Said, 'Do not Fear' -Josias Flores
04-02-2020 God Says You Will Have Peace - Josias Flores
04-01-2020 Moses Speaks to the Children of Israel - Josias Flores
03-31-2020 'Take your stand...See what the Lord will do!' - Josias Flores
03-30-2020 Again Joseph Reassures His Brothers -Josias Flores
03-29-2020 Joseph Tells His Brothers  to Fear Not - Josias Flores
03-28-2020 God Speaks Peace to Jacob - Josias Flores
03-27-2020 Joseph Speaks to His Brothers - Josias Flores
03-26-2020 God Speaks to Rachel - Josias Flores
03-25-2020 God Speaks to Isaac - Josias Flores
03-24-2020 God Speaks to Hagar - Josias Flores
03-23-2020 God Speaks to Abram - Josias Flores