Mount Pisgah Academy SDA Church

Following Jesus to New Heights


Date Title Speaker Event
07-13-2019 Kingdom Ambassadors of Gospel Reconciliation Jonathan Michael Church Service
07-06-2019 Embracing Freedom Josias Flores Church Service
06-29-2019 What Difference Does It Make? Jonathan Michael Church Service
06-28-2019 VBS Special Closing Program Savannah  Maize & Kids Friday Evening
06-22-2019 Returning to God Jonathan Michael Church Service
06-15-2019 Refined Fatherhood Pastor Josias Flores Church Service
06-09-2019 Meagan and Quinnon Wedding Stanley Knight Wedding
06-08-2019 Our Devising God Erin Miller Church Service
05-24-2019 What Are You Offering God? Jonathan Michael Church Service
05-18-2019 Parent Tribute MPA Senior Class MPA Graduation
05-18-2019 Baccalaureate Rick Anderson MPA Graduation
05-18-2019 Sabbath School   MPA Graduation
05-17-2019 Consecration Chris Busche MPA Graduation
05-16-2019 2019 APCS Graduation  Josias Flores APCS Graduation
05-11-2019 No More Curse Jonathan Michael Communion Sabbath
05-04-2019 MPA  Home Show Pisgah Concert Band, Bells & MPA Choir Church Service
04-27-2019 Philippine Reflections MPA Mission Trip Participants Church Service
04-27-2019 Academy Days Sabbath School MPA Students Sabbath School
04-20-2019 Family & Friends: The Ties That Bind Linda Knowles Richards Alumni Church Service
04-20-2019 2019 Alumni SS James "David" Kay Alumni SS
04-19-2019 2019 Alumni Weekend Vespers Becky Oliver Vespers
04-13-2019 Living and Abiding Prophetic Word of God Jonathan Michael Church Service
04-06-2019 Living in a Power Hungry World Pastor Jonathan & Pastor Josias Church Service
03-30-2019 How Firm A Foundation Jonathan Michael Church Service
03-23-2019 Championing Discomfort Josias Flores Church Service
03-16-2019 Faith, Hope & Love Casey, Diego & Danny Church Service
03-09-2019 Making  Our Calling & Election Sure Jonathan Michael Church Service
03-02-2019 Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory Jonathan Michael Church Service
02-23-2019 The Responsibility of Christian Youth Sara Cain, Trenton Wilkens, JyAire McEachin Church Service
02-16-2019 Ordinance of Humility Jonathan Michael Church Service
02-09-2019 Commitment, Communication, Continuity Josias Flores

Church Service

02-02-2019 Contending for the Faith Jonathan Michael Church Service
01-26-2019 Childish Perfection Josias Flores Church Service
01-19-2019 Reaching Forward & Pressing On Jonathan Michael Church Service
01-12-2019 Attitude of Gratitude Reid, Zach, Katherine & Dean Hector Church Service
01-05-2019    Spider Lessons Jo Ottinger Church Service      
01-05-2019 The Gospel From Patmos                                 Todd Morton                                           Bible Class

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