Mount Pisgah Academy Seventh-day Adventist Church

Following Jesus to New Heights







12-29-2018 The Word George Grow Church Service
12-29-2018 Final Restoration of Unity Todd Morton Bible Class
12-22-2018 Christmas Celebration Multiple People Church Service
12-22-2018 The God Who Calls Us Jonathan Michael Bible Class
12-15-2018 Not Your Average Christmas Song Josias Flores Church Service
12-15-2018 The Victorious God of the Overcomers Jonathan Michael Bible Class
12-14-2018 MPA Christmas Music Program MPA Students Friday Evening
12-13-2018 APCS Christmas Concert APCS Students Thursday Evening
12-08-2018 The Forever Family Jonathan Michael Church Service
12-08-2018 The God Who Sanctifies Jonathan Michael Bible Class
12-01-2018 Heaven Is Not Enough Josias Flores Church Service
12-01-2018 The God of Christian Growth Jonathan Michael Bible Class
11-24-2018 Family Joy Joe Ottinger Church Service
11-24-2018 Unity In Faith George Grow Bible Class
11-17-2018 Thanks in the Church Jonathan Michael Church Service
11-17-2018 Experiencing the God of Salvation Jonathan Michael Bible Class
11-10-2018 The Bride of Christ Jonathan Michael Church Service
11-10-2018 The God of Salvation Part 2 Jonathan Michael Bible Class
11-03-2018 Every ONE Makes a Difference Jonathan Michael Church Service
11-03-2018 The God of Salvation Jonathan Michael Bible Class
10-27-2018 Life After the Appearing Jonathan Michael Church Service
10-27-2018 A Healthy, Prophetic Appearance Jonathan Michael & Josias Flores Bible Class
10-20-2018 The Day Before the Appearing Josias Flores Church Service
10-20-2018 Visions of the Appearing Jonathan Michael & Josias Flores Bible Class
10-13-2018 Hearts Full of the Blessed Hope Jonathan Michael Church Service
10-06-2018 Wedged Tim Cove Church Service
10-06-2018 Can we Trust God Jonathan Michael Bible Class
10-05-2018 Dissonance Tim Cove Friday Evening
09-29-2018 The Common Union of Communion Jonathan Michael Church Service
09-29-2018 2018 Adventurer/Pathfinder Induction    
09-29-2018 Aid in the Spiritual Battle Jonathan Michael Bible Class
09-22-2018 Finding The Way Erin Miller Church Service
09-22-2018 Bible Class Ryan Stutes Bible Class
09-15-2018 And the Superlative Above All Else Is... Jonathan Michael Church Service
09-15-2018 Conflict of the Ages Jonathan Michael Bible Class
09-01-2018 Handicapping Compassion Josias Flores Church Service
09-01-2018 The God Who Suffers Jonathan Michael Bible Class
08-25-2018 The Chemistry of Faithfulness Leslie Louis Church Service
08-25-2018 The Cosmic Conflict Jonathan Michael Bible Class
08-18-2018 Loving the Weightier Matters Jonathan Michael Church Service
08-18-2018 The Great Controversy over Human Souls Jonathan Michael Bible Class
08-11-2018 Loving One or the Other: In God We Trust ?  Jonathan Michael Church Service
08-11-2018 Creator God of the Human Soul  Jonathan Michael Bible Class
08-04-2018 Who Am I? Jonathan Michael Church Service
08-04-2018 The Holy Spirit from Creation to the Latter Rain Jonathan Michael Bible Class
07-28-2018 Lovingly Attracting God's Children Jonathan Michael Church Service
07-28-2018 Mediator Between God and Man Jonathan Michael Bible Class
07-21-2018 The Armour of God Louie Parra Church Service
07-21-2018 Life in the Early Church  Cal Clardy Sabbath School
07-14-2018 Freely Loving Jesus & His Teachings Jonathan Michael Church Service
07-14-2018 The Triune God of Love & Fellowship  Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
07-07-2018 Loving Our Liberty To Serve Jonathan Michael Church Service
07-07-2018 The God Who Reveals Himself  Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
06-30-2018 Loving Our Liberty To Serve Jonathan Michael Church Service
06-30-2018 Love to the Greatest Degree Jonathan Michael Church Service
06-30-2018 The Return of Our Lord Jesus Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
06-23-2018 Let’s Open Our Message  George Grow Sabbath Service
06-23-2018 Focus on Prophecy: Babylon & Armageddon Tod Morton Sabbath School
06-16-2018 God’s Seal or the Beast’s Mark? Will Labrenz Sabbath School
06-9-2018 Love Among Pharisees & Sinners Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
06-9-2018 America & Babylon Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
05-26-2018 The Love-Forgiveness Correlation Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
05-26-2018 Worship the Creator Jonathan Michael Sabbath School
05-19-2018 Class of 2018 Parent Tribute  Senior Class Sabbath Afternoon
05-19-2018 Class of 2018 Baccalaureate Ryan Becker Sabbath Service
05-19-2018 Class of 2018 Sabbath School Beth Grissom Sabbath School
05-18-2018 Class of 2018 Consecration Je'Wana Grier-McEachin Friday Evening
05-12-2018 Your True and Proper Worship Will Labrenz Sabbath Service
05-12-2018 Focus on Prophecy - The 'Change' of the Law Will Labrenz Bible Class
05-05-2018 Band, Choir & Bells Home Show MPA Students Sabbath Service
05-05-2018 Sabbath School Will Labrenz Bible Class
05-04-2018 Drama Home Show MPA Students Friday Evening
04-28-2018 MPA Mission Report - Peru MPA Students Church Service
04-28-2018 Focus on Prophecy-Salvation and the End Time Will Labrenz Bible Class
04-21-2018 Mountaintop Experiences With God Michael Brackett Alumni Church Service
04-21-2018 What I Know, I Wish I'd Known Dan & Richa Stevens Alumni Sabbath School
04-20-2018 Alumni Vespers Gary Thurber-Class of '78 Friday Evening
04-14-2018 Message in Song APCS Scripture Singers Sabbath Service
04-14-2018 Focus on Prophecy: Daniel and the End Time Jonathan Michael Bible Class
04-07-2018 Take the Test Rick Russell Sabbath Service
04-07-2018 Focus on Prophecy: The Cosmic Controversy Jonathan Michael Bible Class
03-31-2018 Serve the Lord With Gladness Will Labrenz Sabbath Service
03-31-2018 Focus on Prophecy - Rev 21-22 Will Labrenz Bible Class
03-24-2018 New Beginnings Brenna & Michael Senior Sabbath Service
03-24-2018 Focus on Prophecy - Rev 19-20 Will Labrenz Bible Class
03-17-2018 When You Fast... Will Labrenz Sabbath Service
03-10-2018 Pour! Rod Hartle Sabbath Service
03-10-2018 Welcome and Announcements Welcome & Announcements Sabbaath Service
03-10-2018 Focus on Prophecy—Revelation 15-16 Will Labrenz Bible Class
03-03-2018 Ranking #1: Who Gets the Gold? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
03-03-2018 Focus on Prophecy—Revelation 14 Jonathan Michael Bible Class
02-24-2018 The Power of Private Prayer Will Labrenz Sabbath Service
02-17-2018 The Habit of Holy Hagah Will Labrenz Sabbath Service
02-17-2018 Focus on Prophesy - Revelation 12 Will Labrenz Bible Class
02-10-2018 Bible Before Breakfast Will Labrenz Sabbath Service
02-10-2018 Focus on Prophecy—Revelation 10 & 11  Will Labrenz Bible Class
02-03-2018 Take My Life and Let It Be Hector Gonzalez Adventurers & Pathfinders
02-03-2018 Focus on Prophecy—Revelation 8-9  Will Labrenz Bible Class
01-27-2018 Walking With Jesus Jimmy Estrada Sabbath Service
01-27-2018 T.R.U.T.H. Jimmy Estrada Sabbath School
01-20-2018 Finding Biblical Friendship Will Labrenz Sabbath Service
01-20-2018 Focus on Prophecy - Revelation 6 Will Labrenz Bible Class
01-13-2018 Loving Whatever It Takes Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
01-13-2018 Focus on Prophecy—Revelation 4 & 5 Jonathan Michael Bible Class
01-06-2018 One Thing, Whatever It Takes Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
01-06-2018 Focus on Prophecy—Revelation 2 3 Jonathan Michael Bible Class

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