Mount Pisgah Academy Seventh-day Adventist Church

Following Jesus to New Heights


Date Title Speaker Event
12-31-2020 Bettie Donesky Memorial Service Jonathan Michael  
12-26-2020 No Service today - Cold and Icy    
12-19-2020 Louis Canosa Memorial Service    
12-19-2020 Come,  Let Us Adore Him   Sabbath Service
12-13-2020 Sherwood/Garland Wedding Josias Flores Sunday Afternoon
12-12-2020 MPA Choir and Bells Ed Pelto, Director   Sabbath Service
12-05-2020 Lord's Supper: Christmas in the Gospel of Mark Jonathan Michael Zoom Service
12-05-2020 Today's message Jo Ottinger Sabbath Service
11-28-2020 How To - Love Your Enemy George Grow Sabbath Service
11-21-2020 Do You Know Just How Salty You Are? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
11-14-2020 Who is an Active Intercessor? Jonathan Michael Zoom Service
11-14-2020 Never Be Afraid To Witness Jo Ottinger Sabbath Service
11-07-2020 Who are you following? Jo Ottinger Sabbath Service
10-31-2020 Fresh/Soph Church Service Fresh/Soph Sabbath Service
10-24-2020 Guy Robertson Memorial Service Jonathan Michael Sabbath Afternoon
10-24-2020 Revelation’s Last Appeal Steve Vale (online) Sabbath Service
10-17-2020 Prophecies of Hope Steve Vale (online) Sabbath Service
10-10-2020 NHS/Senior Dedication Gary Moyer Sabbath Evening
10-10-2020 Through Christianity Gary Moyer Sabbath Service
10-09-2020 MPA Vespers Gary Moyer Friday Evening
10-03-2020 Adventurer/Pathfinder Morning Challenge Courtney Jimenez Sabbath Service
09-26-2020 Following Jesus Jo Ottinger Sabbath Service
09-12-2020 Standing For Jesus Jo Ottinger Sabbath Service
08-29-2020 Following Jesus From Darkness to Light Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
08-22-2020 Following Jesus From Lost to Found Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
08-15-2020 Following Jesus From Teacher to Teachable Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
08-08-2020 Following Jesus From Old to New  ( audio begins at 10:33 ) Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
08-01-2020 Associate Pastor's Last Sermon & Member Comments Josias Flores Sabbath Service
07-25-2020 MPA  Baccalaureate  Hector Gonzalez MPA Graduation
07-18-2020 Following Jesus to the New Earth Josias Flores Sabbath Service
07-11-2020 Following Jesus through the Time of Trouble Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
07-04-2020 Following Jesus from Independence to the Close of Probation Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
06-27-2020 Following Jesus through Vengeance, Wrath, & Plagues Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
06-20-2020 Following Jesus to the Heavenly Shared Table Jonathan Michael Communion Sabbath
06-13-2020 What Do You Remember Your Father Saying? Jo Ottinger Sabbath Service
06-06-2020 Following Jesus in Sharing the 3 Angels' Message Josias Flores Sabbath Service
05-30-2020 The Loud Cry Before Christ's Return (no recording) Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
05-23-2020 The Latter Rain Before the Return of Jesus Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
05-16-2020 The Final Shaking Before the Return of Jesus Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
05-09-2020 The Testimony of Jesus in the Final Days Before His Return Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
05-02-2020 Following the REST/LIFE-Giver in the Final Days Before His Return Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
04-25-2020 Following the Lord of the Sabbath in the Final Days Before His Return Jonathan Michael & Josias Flores   Sabbath Service
04-18-2020 Following Jesus in the Final Days Before His Return Jonathan Michael & Josias Flores   Sabbath Service
04-11-2020 Jesus the One and Only Jonathan Michael Sabbath Sermon
04-04-2020 Reaching For the Viral Remnant(s) Part 1          Part 2 Jonathan Michael Sabbath Sermon
04-04-2020 Special Announcement – Josias Flores    
03-28-2020 Remnant(s) of Overcomers Jonathan Michael  Reflection and Discussion PDF Sabbath Sermon
03-28-2020 Welcome and Offering Appeal Josias Flores Sabbath Greetings
03-21-2020 Saintly Endurance Josias Flores          Saintly Endurance PDF Sabbath Sermon
03-21-2020 Welcome and Offering Appeal Jonathan Michael Sabbath Greetings
03-14-2020 Reflection and Discussion Appeal Josias Flores          Reflection & Discussion PDF  
03-14-2020 Survival of the Remnant(s) Jonathan Michael & Josias Flores   Sabbath Sermon
03-14-2020 Welcome and Adventist World Radio Appeal Jonathan Michael & Josias Flores     AWR Wisam Story Offering Appeal
03-14-2020 Sabbath School Lesson - Daniel 10 Jonathan Michael  Lesson Study
03-07-2020 "With" Changes Everything Beth Grissom Church Service
02-29-2020 Nourishment in the Eschatological Wilderness Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
02-22-2020 Living Lives of Faith Erin Miller Church Service
02-15-2020 Intentional Love and the End Times Josias Flores    Church Service
02-08-2020 Senior Class Sermon Presentations Jeremy Vargas, Ethan Stauffer Church Service
02-01-2020 Candy Elliott Memorial Service    
02-01-2020 Religious Liberty Confirmed & Denied Jonathan Michael Church Service
01-25-2020 Sabbath Announcements and Baptisms Jonathan Michael Church Service
01-18-2020 Messages Katherine Ashlock & Nathan Settlemyre Church Service
01-11-2020 Let the Lower Lights Be Burning Elder Leslie & Carole Louis Church Service
01-04-2020 New Year's Substitution                    Josias Flores                           Church Service


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