Mount Pisgah Academy Seventh-day Adventist Church

Following Jesus to New Heights


Date Title Speaker Event
12-25-2021 Let the Stable Still Astonish MPA SDA Church Family Sabbath Service
12-18-2021 Great Joy for All People Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
12-11-2021 Mount Pisgah Academy Christmas Program Bells and Symphony Sabbath Service
12-10-2021 Mount Pisgah Academy Christmas Program San Cielo and Charlotte Group Friday Evening
12-04-2021 The Coming of Immanuel the Promised Savior-King Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
11-27-2021 Attitude of Thanksgiving Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
11-20-2001 Close, Almost, and Not Far: Is it Enough? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
11-13-2001 Hell-Fire: Opening Another Salty Can of Worms Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
11-06-2021 Is it Time for That Rotisserie Pork?  Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
10-30-2021 Glen M Robertson Memorial Service Joseph Ottinger Sabbath Afternoon
10-30-2021 Ripe for the Harvest Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
10-23-2021 The Time of the Sickle Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
10-16-2021 God is Real Katie James, Isaac Medina, Edith Menjivar, Eddie Cortes Sabbath Service
10-09-2021 Senior Dedication & National Honor Society Induction Ernie Boughman Sabbath Evening
10-09-2021 MPA Parent Open House Worship Service Ernie Boughman Sabbath Service
10-08-2021 Pivot Point Ernie Boughman MPA Vespers
10-02-2021 Is Jesus Lord of Your Sabbath? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
09-25-2021 Now is the Time! Jonathan Michael Sabbath Outdoors
09-18-2021 Forgiveness, Cleansing and Service Jonathan Michael Sabbath Outdoors
09-11-2021 Battle of the Immediate Jonathan Michael Sabbath Outdoors
09-04-2021 Do You Need the Great Physician? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Outdoors
08-28-2021 Telling the Messianic Secret Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
08-21-2021 Barnabas, Paul, and a Young Man Named John Mark Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
08-14-2021 The Everlasting Gospel of our JUDGE (not recorded) Jonathan Michael             (Video Not Available) Sabbath Service
08-07- 2021 The Everlasting Gospel of Our Creator Pastor Jonathan Sabbath Service
07-24-2021 An Inside Job Harry Robinson Sabbath Service
07-24-2021 Traveling to Heaven ( no audio ) Serhiy Litvinchuk Sabbath Service
07-17-2021 Investigating the Eternal Galactic Quest Pastor Jonathan Sabbath Service
07-10-2021 No One Could Tell Him What He Couldn’t Do Hector Gonzalez, Youth Ministries Director Sabbath Service
07-03-2021 The Christian Nation in the Last Days Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
06-26-2021 Until He Comes Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
06-19-2021 Do You Love Me? Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
06-12-2021 What Corrodes Your Faith? Arthur Gibbs Church Service
06-05-2021 Campmeeting Worship Service Mark Finley Church Service
06-05-2021 Campmeeting Sabbath School David Wright Sabbath School
05-29-2021 Doubting and Disciple-making Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
05-22-2021 Parent Tribute Senior Class Parent Tribute
05-22-2021 Baccalaureate Address Louie Parra Baccalaureate
05-21-2021 Consecration Address Nephthali Myrthil Consecration
05-15-2021 Are You Willing to be Sent? Pastor Jonathan Sabbath Service
05-13-2021 Asheville-Pisgah Christian School Graduation Caleb Raymond Graduation
05-01-2021 MPA Academy Days Church Service MPA Handbells Sabbath Service
04-30-2021 MPA Academy Days Vespers  MPA Choir Friday Evening
04-24-2021 Under Sealed Orders Robert Carney Sabbath Service
04-17-2021 Joy Paul Volk Sabbath Service
04-03-2021 Behold He Is Risen?! Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
03-27-2021 Behold the Lamb Pastor Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
03-20-2021 Reflections on Running Kitty Ratzlaff Sabbath Service
03-13-2021 The Checkered Flag Pastor John Earnhardt Sabbath Service
03-06-2021 Testimonies Tangie Smith Alisha Michael Martha Shetley/Karen Knowles Rosemarie Clardy Lynn Miles Sabbath Service
02-27-2021 It Takes All of Us Jonathan Rowe Sabbath Service
02-20-2021 Spoken Word Kaitlyn James and Evelyn Mauricio Sabbath Service
02-13-2021 Trusting God With Your Now and Later Hannah Guenin, Hannah Worth Sabbath Service
02-06-2021 Essential Community Impact Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service

Is You'r Church Essential?    (Audio Only)

Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
01-23-2021 Religious Liberty & The Church in 2021 Jonathan Michael Sabbath Service
01-09-2021 Sermonettes   Sabbath Service
01-02-2021 The Parable of Attitudes                    George Grow          Sabbath Service

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