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Special Bulletin

The following information is provided for your awareness during the COVID-19 national emergency.  Here, you will find announced changes in events, and important information.
"Stay Home, Stay Safe" link for Buncombe County

MPASDA Church Special Statement
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Program for Sabbath, July 4, 2020

                                                  (see this weeks Bulletin for today's program)

Hope Sabbath School -  Lesson 1 Why Witness

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    Video update from Leslie Louis 

      Adventist Giving Online Tutorial

       To pray over the phone with others in the Carolinas during this time, please notice this link for the 
       weekly schedule for each day at 7:00 PM along with the number and access code to dial.

       Global Church 100 Days of Prayer starting Friday, March 27. For more information and resources,

Below are viewing suggestions provided by the Carolina Conference:

Our conference website is

We have video sermons on these channels:



                Roku: Search Carolina Conference


Our podcasts include:

For Children: Kathy’s Kids Storytime, at Available on all podcasting outlets.

For Women: Joy in the Weeds.  Available on nearly all podcasting outlets.

For Men: Walking Free. Available on nearly all podcasting outlets.

Carolina Conference Camp Meeting. Available on nearly all podcasting outlets.


For Young Adults, we have tons of online spiritual content on Project ReFresh at

                As I Am: Testimonial video series. Available on website and YouTube.

                ECHO: Video series and podcast about the church and spirituality. Available on website, podcast channels and YouTube.

                Tiny Chair Talks: Video series. Host and guest talk about “elephant in the room” subjects. Available on website and YouTube.

                The Loop: An “adulting” vlog. Available on website and YouTube.

                Forward: Motivational blog. Available on website and social media.